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Fall More Deeply In Love

Bring out your inner longings for deeper connection and vulnerability with your partner. You can truly have the authentic relationship you’ve been dreaming of.

Hello and Welcome

I’m Amy Davis specializing in couples and relationships. Whether or not you are in a relationship, I help people just like you untangle their triggers, fears, and reactive behaviors so you can finally have the relationship you want.

I can show you how to safely communicate and connect with each other from a new place of insight and care. My clients have learned much better ways to communicate and expressing their needs.

A new adventure in your relationship really can start today. Over time you will learn how to do this on your own without my assistance.

My specialty in Emotionally Focused Therapy has given me amazing tools to guide couples and individuals into having more freedom and support in their relationships.

Individual Therapy

I can help you discover the things that keep you from having the relationship you want.

Couples Therapy

Experience the wonderful benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy

Peer Consultation

As an EFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor, I have journeyed along this same path and can help you grow in your professional EFT skills.

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